With the help of http://www.closecallsports.com and the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (UEFL), they track and provide a detailed analysis of the 65 ejections that happened during the first two months of the 2016 regular season.  While some information may not be important to the average fan, it does provide us insight on which umpires, players, and how replay affects when and how an ejection occurs.

As of May 31, there have been 65 ejections which sets the pace for a total of 203 ejections.  This is just short of the 212 ejections that occurred in the previous year.  The research also concludes that the umpires were correct with the call 63.3% of the time at the time the ejection happened.  The Toronto Blue Jays lead all teams with ten total ejections this year with manager John Gibbons leading all skippers with four.  The players who lead the league with heading to the showers early are Anaheim Angels Yunel Escobar and Toronto Blue Jay slugger Josh Donaldson with two apiece.


Tied with Josh Donaldson with two ejections


Looking at the umpires during the first two months also demonstrates interesting facts about the season. Veteran Dale Scott leads all umpires with six ejections, with Jeff Kellogg and Dan Iassonga tied for second place with four dumps.  Interesting enough, the crew that leads all umpire foursomes is Dale Scott’s with a total of twelve ejections, which represents just shy of 20% of all ejections.  It is always interesting to see how and why their lead is doubled the rest of the crews in MLB.

Of the 65 ejections this year, 39 were arguing balls and strikes, which is well over 50% while the favorite day to get ejected–looks like Sunday with a total of 14.  The numbers also demonstrate that when games get tight, tempers flare as the 8th inning is the most popular time to have an argument with an umpire.

Turning over to video replay, there have been a total of 498 replay reviews, in which 269 have been reversed after the review.  That is a percentage of 54%.  Twenty- six times the Washington Nationals have used replay review, the most in the majors while the New York Yankees have used it only eight times since April 1.  The Oakland Athletics have the most success in overturned calls at a clip of 70% while the Houston Astros are the worst at just over a 30% clip for the year.



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