NFL: Is this season Eli Manning’s best shot at MVP?

The New York Giants have the 9th most talented roster based on The reason that they are so high on the board is because of the season, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr just had plus the $200 million that they spent on defense this past season. Even last year Manning was terrific as he set highs in TDs and Yards with 35 and 4,436. Those are some really good numbers and both numbers rank in the top 6 in the NFL plus he had one of the better seasons with interceptions as he limited them to 14. Those numbers would have produced more MVP votes if they did not blow so many fourth quarter leads, which led to a 6-10 record. Their defense and offensive line were the downfall of the team. Lucky for them, it looks like they should be better in both areas. So, this could be the best chance for Eli Manning to win an MVP.

Manning is one of those players that is a borderline Hall of Famer because his numbers in the playoffs are great but the numbers in the regular season have been mediocre. Getting an MVP would solidify his Hall of Fame ticket. This year with a better defense, means his team will get more wins. They also have a pretty easy schedule as they only play 6 games that they face a playoff team. They play the NFC North and AFC North this year and outside of Green Bay, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Minnesota they will have an easy time against the rest of those divisions.

So the schedule will let Eli put up some big numbers. Also the receiving core should be better, maybe the best he has ever had. Beckham was great last year with basically having Rueben Randle as the only other option. This year they are getting back Victor Cruz and have added a really talented receiver in Sterling Shepard, who by all accounts is going to be really good. Better weapons would mean better numbers and more wins. Last year he was putting those numbers up with players like Dwayne Harris and Myles White. With Cruz and Shepard, he should topple his numbers from last year.

This is the best chance for Eli Manning to win a MVP. He will have a better team as they spent a lot to revamp that defense plus he will be getting back Victor Cruz and adding Sterling Shepard. Manning has the tools and the weapons to put up 40-45 TDs and 5000 yards. Adding a better defense will get him more wins. Last year, he would have finished better in the MVP race, if his team had won more games. This year I expect them to win between 9-11 games and if he wins 11 games, watch for Eli’s name to be in the MVP conversation. In previous runs by the Giants they relied heavily on the run and the defense. But in the last handful of years, this team has slowly become more passing oriented and have featured Eli Manning more. That change gives Manning the best shot at MVP.


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