Ranking top 20 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks for 2016

Thanks for checking out my ranking of the top 20 fantasy football quarterbacks for the 2016 NFL season. After about 20 quarterbacks you are in pretty bad shape anyway on the fantasy football teams.

Top 20 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 2016

1 Cam Newton-Carolina Panthers

The returning NFL MVP is a dual threat scoring machine and has Kelvin Benjamin back this season.

2 Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

I rank Big Ben higher in the fantasy quarterback rankings than most writers do. I think if Roethlisberger stays healthy he will set career highs in stats.

3 Russell Wilson-Seattle Seahawks

Wilson will be a more complete passer this year and has good enough weapons to be a top 5 fantasy quarterback in 2016. Wilson plays better without Marshawn Lynch.

4 Andrew Luck- Indianapolis Colts

Luck will always throw too many interceptions but he will also pile up yards and touchdowns for the Colts.

5 Blake Bortles-Jacksonville Jaguars

I love the direction that the Jaguars are going and the weapons that Bortles has at his disposal.

6 Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers

Double Check has some weapons back but he looked really bad for a large part of last season. Is Aaron Rodgers still an elite fantasy football quarterback?

7 Carson Palmer-Arizona Cardinals

Palmer can put up good numbers in the regular season.

8 Tom Brady-New England Patriots

Brady may be suspended for the first four games but he is still a top 10 fantasy quarterback in 2016.

9 Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints

The old man has one more decent season in him and as much as he is getting paid it better be a great one,

10 Eli Manning-New York Giants

The weapons that Eli has alone merits ranking him this high.

11 Jameis Winston-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winston is the real deal and so are the Buccaneers this season.

12 Andy Dalton-Cincinnati Bengals

Dalton is still a good fantasy option if he can stay healthy in 2016.

13 David Carr-Oakland Raiders

The Raiders made good moves and their young quarterback will take advantage of that.

14 Phillip Rivers-San Diego Chargers

On the down slide of his career, Rivers can still put up solid numbers.

15 Marcus Mariota- Tennessee Titans

Mariota may have trouble staying healthy but the Titans will support him with a great running game which in turn helps his passing.

16 Matt Ryan-Atlanta Falcons

Look for more running out of the Falcons but Ryan still has Julio Jones.

17 Tony Romo-Dallas Cowboys

Romo has the talent and talented players around him to be a top 5 fantasy quarterback but he is too injury prone,

18 Ryan Tannehill-Miami Dolphins

Tannehill is solid but plays in a division with some great defensive play.

19 Jay Cutler-Chicago Bears

Cutler can be good but not great for a fantasy quarterback in 2016.

20 Tyrod Taylor-Buffalo Bills

Taylor surprised last year but can he do it again and stay healthy?


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