Shape Up: Spice Up Your Summer Stairs Workout

Let’s be honest: It’s really easy to get in the habit of doing the same routine at the gym or same workout class. Now, doing the same workouts isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it’s always great to see yourself improve and achieve your fitness goals. But sometimes, it’s important to change things up and add some variety to your everyday routine. So, with bikini season nearly upon us, today I will be sharing a pretty tough workout. We can guarantee this will be a challenge from your everyday workout routine. Get ready… We’re hitting the stairs!

Here’s the thing about a stair workout: It’s challenging. But that’s one of the best parts about it. In fact, you can burn upwards of twice as many calories per minute by hitting the stairs. The stairs focus mainly on lower body muscles. They are an amazing way to get a complete lower body workout, while helping your muscles stay fit and functional. The main muscles you will tone during this workout are the butt muscles (a.k.a. “glutes”), quadriceps or thigh muscles, hamstrings, and calves.

Are you up for the challenge? Give this stair workout a try and see how it feels!

Dr. Hunter’s Stairway to Heaven Workout:

Try our stairway to heaven stair workout
Step up your stairs workout
See this killer stairs workout on

Triple Step Lunge with Knee Hug: Warm up
If you legs can reach, step up three steps and hug your knee at the top of that step. This is your warm up and will stretch out your muscles before you begin.

Sidestepping up that stair workout with Dr. Hunter Vincent
Sidestep up those stairs for a killer leg workout

Side Stepping X4
Go upstairs facing to your right first, then facing to your left. Do each side twice.

Killer stairs workout shared on

Single Step jogs X4
Jog upstairs, one stair at a time, four times.

Join us in trying this stairs workout with our trainer, Dr. Hunter Vincent

Double Step jogs X4
Jog upstairs two-by-two, four times.

Get killer legs using this stair workout
Killer stairs workout on

Double Step Diagonal Jumps X4
Starting in the middle of the stairs, step your right leg way out to the right.

Try this stairway to heaven stairs workout
Stair bunny hops for killer legs - see the full workout on

Two-Foot bunny hops X4
Hop up each stair with both feet, four times.

Try this stair workout to tone your legs and work up a sweat

Single Leg hops X2 each leg
Hopping on your right leg, hop up each stair step until you get to the top. Repeat on your left leg.

Work up a sweat with Hunter Vincent's stairway to heaven stair workout

Sprints X4
Go as fast as you can up the stairs four times. When you go down the stairs, use this time as your cool down.

Pretty tough, right? Hunter recommended doing each of the exercises four times, but you may change this depending on the length of your set of stairs. This workout is a great way to get your HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout in for the week. HIIT is basically any type of exercise that consists of short periods of really hard work, followed by periods of recovery or light exercise. By working hard up the stairs, and using the walk down as your recovery, the stairs are essentially a self-timed HIIT program without using a stopwatch.

Will you give this stairs workout a try this summer?


XO Elizabeth

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