Why the Yankees need Nick Swisher

The New York Yankees are having a tough time finding someone to play first base. While former All-Star and former Yankee first baseman/outfielder Nick Swisher waits in Triple-A. The Yankees signed Swisher to a minor league deal, but he still has yet to be released or called up. Swisher is hitting .264 with 7 homeruns and 25 RBI in 45 games in the minors this season.

The Yankees recently signed Ike Davis to a major league deal to see if that’s a fit at first base. After losing Mark Teixeira and Greg Bird the Yankees are basically out of reliable options at first base. Why don’t they just call up Nick Swisher just to see what happens? Ike Davis is only going to play against RHP and he is forced into a platoon at first base. Nick Swisher is a switch hitter and could fill in full time at first base.

This season has been rough for the Yankees and a boost in morale could help the team. Nick Swisher is known for his uplifting personality and great team chemistry. It’s unlikely Ike Davis is going to blow Swisher’s Triple-A numbers out of the water. Why not go with a guy in Swisher that they know can produce at Yankee Stadium and a player that the fans love and the players love. Swisher needs to be on the Yankees MLB roster and it’s a shame he’s stuck in Triple-A.


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