AFC South Predictions

This is the most exciting division in the AFC this year. The Texans look to defend their crown with a new quarterback at the helm. The Colts and Andrew Luck look to stay healthy and take back the crown. The Jaguars have an exciting young offense and hit big in the draft. Could they take over the division? The Titans… well they’ll be bad again.

Houston Texans: (10-6) Welcome to Houston Brock Osweiler. DeAndre Hopkins had a fantastic season last year and that was with a mediocre quarterback in Brian Hoyer. We have seen glimpses of Osweiler in Denver and he can certainly throw the ball well. Also sitting behind Peyton Manning for a few seasons shouldn’t hurt him either. Look for a huge improvement from the offense this year as they also brought in Lamar Miller to sure up that backfield. Then you have the hardest working player in the NFL J.J. Watt. Are we expecting anything else of him? He’ll end up with 18+ sacks again and will more than likely get defensive player of the year and he’ll probably catch a few touchdowns on offense too.

Indianapolis Cots: (9-7) There is one big question mark for this team. The offensive line. Can they keep Andrew Luck off his back? They certainly will try. They used 4 of their draft picks to address the offensive line issues. It’s quite simple, keep Andrew Luck from getting hit and he’ll take them to the playoffs. Andrew Luck is the most exciting young quarterback in the league, behind Cam Newton, and when he is healthy he is dominant. I don’t think the offensive line will improve that much so they will be fighting for a wild card spot

Jacksonville Jaguars: (11-5) Blake Bortles might be my favorite quarterback in the league, behind Kirk Cousins of course. He has continued to improve every single season and I think this is the year for the Jags. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns are two great young receivers. Julius Thomas is a solid tight end and Chris Ivory is the new running back this season. Do you remember the kind of season Chris Ivory had last year in New York? Dominant!!! If they can get that run game going then look for huge holes in the passing game. Did I mention their draft picks? Jalen Ramsey was the best cornerback in the draft and Myles Turner is a stud. I know Myles Turner has knee issues, which is why a lot of teams didn’t take him, but if he can stay healthy then he will be a beast in a few year. I don’t think anyone is expecting too much out of Jalen Ramsey this year, but in 2-4 years time he will be a great cornerback in the league. Yes, you read the record right and yes I have the Jaguars winning the division. 5-11 to 11-5 is a little crazy but they have drastically improved from last season. Look for them to be a team everyone is talking about in a few months.

Tennessee Titans: (4-12) There just isn’t a lot to say about this team. They are still 5+ years away from being playoff contenders. Mariotta is a solid quarterback but I don’t trust dual threat quarterbacks unless their name is Cam Newton or Russell Wilson. Delanie Walker isn’t a scrub. He is good tight end. It will be interesting to see DeMarco Murray this season. Chip Kelly was a terrible fit for him as a coach. I’m interested to see how he will be used this season. I’m sure he’ll be used correctly in this system but they still will struggle again this season.


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