Dallas, you’ve found your man.

Well, this has been an interesting preseason for the Dallas Cowboys. In just the 1st two games, the big story for America’s team hasn’t been Tony Romo, Jason Witten, nor Dez Bryant. The big story for the Cowboys has been former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott.
Dak Prescott has exceeded beyond expectations and then some many people in the media had for him this preseason. In his first two preseason games, he has completed 81.5% of his passes, thrown for 338 yards, 4 touchdowns and no interceptions. In the 10 drives he has played in, 9 of them have been scoring drives. And this will probably blow your mind, but Prescott has more total touchdowns (6) than incompletions (5)
Prescott got put in a place where he will have a better chance to succeed. The Cowboys have one if not the best offensive line in the NFL. And because he is a scrambling quarterback, he will need all the protection he can get. Next he has one of the league’s top playmakers in the league Dez Bryant and the one of the most reliable players in the league Jason Witten. Typically most rookie quarterbacks don’t have decent weapons around them, so Prescott will have a valuable learning experience.
Obviously, there is some cons to go with those pros. First and probably the most important, it’s only preseason. Prescott has played in two games in which the two opponents rested a lot of their key guys. Second, the work ethic. Will Prescott with this recent string of success do what a lot of young players do in this situation and slack off and not work as hard as he used to. Prescott doesn’t seem like that kind of person, but neither was a lot of busts and look what happened to them. Third, will the Cowboys be willing to give him some minutes in actually regular season play? Jason Garrett wants to develop Prescott and give him about a drive or two once every 2 or 3 games, but I think that Tony Romo will not like that at all and would be angry. If Tony Romo is angry, then Jerry Jones is angry and I think you know the rest.
All in all, the Cowboys have finally found the backup quarterback they so desperately needed. As you know, the Cowboys went 1-11 without Tony Romo at quarterback last year. Their two backups, Branden Weeden and Matt Cassel couldn’t get the job done. Now, many people close to the team feel that this is the person who can drag the Cowboys out of the dirt if Tony Romo gets hurt. It’s too early to tell if he will account for something, but if your a Cowboys fan, you have to be feeling good right now.

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