College Football Power Ranking/Predictions – Week 14

Power Ranking

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Ohio State

4. Washington

5. Michigan

6. Penn State

7. Wisconsin

8. Oklahoma

9. Colorado

10. Oklahoma State

11. West Virginia

12. Western Michigan

13. USC

14. Florida State

15. Louisville

16. Navy

17. Boise State

18. Stanford

19. Florida

20. Nebraska

21. Virginia Tech

22. Houston

23. LSU

24. Utah

25. Auburn

I think so far it is a pretty easy task to pick who should be in the playoff. They have mostly been near the top all year.  A couple of little flaws in the system will be Ohio State making it, and not actually winning or even getting to conference championship. In reality two spots are up for grabs, the Clemson and Washington games are the ones to watch. If both teams win, the playoff will be set with Alabama facing Washington and Clemson facing Ohio State.  The Clemson versus Ohio State would be a great game.


1. QB Lamar Jackson – Louisville

2. QB Deshaun Watson – Clemson

3. WR Dede Westbrook – Oklahoma

4. RB D’Onta Foreman – Texas

5. RB Donnel Pumphrey – San Diego State

Honorable Mentions – Baker Mayfield, Jalen Hurts, Jabrill Peppers, Jake Browning

The race has tightened up with end of the year struggles by Louisville and Lamar Jackson.  He has put up some impressive numbers this year and it would take a big time performance from the other candidates to win it. Deshaun Watson has the best chance after a big South Carolina game and with the championship game coming up.



Western Michigan VS Ohio – Western Michigan

Colorado VS Washington – Washington


Temple VS Navy – Navy

Oklahoma State VS Oklahoma – Oklahoma

Baylor VS West Virginia – West Virginia

Alabama VS Florida – Alabama

Clemson VS Virginia Tech – Clemson

Wisconsin VS Penn State – Penn State

Potential Upset – Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State

Best Game – Wisconsin VS Penn State

On paper the team higher ranked and best teams should win. There will be upsets so be prepared to watch it just to see the excitement.  If either Clemson or Washington lose someone will sneak into the playoff potentially, which would make for pretty exciting playoff selection show.


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