Seahawks Stomp Rams

When Richard Sherman claimed earlier in the week that Thursday Night Football is a “poopfest”, he is 100% correct. It was a rather one sided affair once again in a 24 to 3 Seattle Seahawks victory over the Los Angeles Rams. With the win, the Seattle Seahawks clinch the NFC West crown.

Early in the first quarter, Jared Goff threw a deep ball to Mike Thomas, and he dropped it. It would have been a touchdown. On the same drive, Goff missed a throw in the endzone to Brian Quick. Then on a 4th down play, Todd Gurley was stuffed. That has been basically the Rams season in a nut shell.

In the second quarter, Russell Wilson threw a 8-yard touchdown pass to Luke Wilson. On the Rams next drive, they tried to fake a punt, but the pass was incomplete.

With the Seahawks up 10 to 3 in the third-quarter, Wilson threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin. Baldwin finished with 5 catches for 35 yards receiving and 1 touchdown.

In the fourth quarter, the Seahawks put the icing on the cake when Wilson threw a 57-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett. Lockett finished with 7 catches for 130 yards receiving and 1 touchdown. Wilson finished with 229 passing yards 3 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Later in the quarter, Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, faked a punt and ran up the middle for 26 yards and then he was injured on the play. He had a longer run than Rams running back, Todd Gurley (22 yards).

The Seahawks will host the Arizona Cardinals (5-7-1) next Sunday.



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