Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost Father’s Day and that means two things.  First, we get to tell our Dad’s how freaking awesome they are.  And second, it’s time for the US Open.  If you’re not a golf fan, this is one tourney to try to watch.  Here’s why: there are a bunch of cuties, playing excellent golf, who really want to win, and there are tons of cute kiddos cheering on their dads.  See Dustin Johnson’s heartfelt moment with his little one when he took home the title two years ago.

If that’s not enough, here’s another heartwarming story line for you, Phil Mickelson is sitting this one out so that he can attend his daughter’s high school graduation.  This is one of my favorite things about sports, when you get to see the human side of these superstars.

Ok now back to dad.  Look, you’ve only got a couple of days left and sadly, flowers aren’t really an option so if you haven’t already gotten dad something cool, here are my last minute suggestions.

  1. A round of golf.  Even if you’re not a very good golfer, he’ll appreciate you getting out there even if it’s just at Top Golf or the local driving range.
  2. Tickets to a game.  You can literally do this at the last minute.  I always use Stub Hub when I’m buying tickets and now you can instant download them.  Such a savior for the ultimate procrastination.
  3. Beer or Wine of the Month.  Another thing you can sign them up for, stick the info in a card and it won’t look like you completely forgot.
  4. Dinner.  Either take him to dinner or if you’re like me and live far away, send dad to his favorite spot on you.  It’s so easy to call the restaurant and give them your card so dad can’t even argue.  I’m sure some places have gift cards too.  Men are so much better about gift cards than women so go for it.
  5. Sporting Equipment.  Does dad need a new golf club, tennis racquet, etc? Dick’s is having a huge Father’s Day sale so you could easily swing in there and snag something.
  6. Travel gear.  My dad happens to travel almost every week for work so new luggage or travel gear is always a good idea.  This piece of black carry on luggage is only $41.
  7. Dollar Shave Club.  I hate having to go get new razors, I always forget and if your dad is like mine and has to shave every single day, he’ll totally appreciate this.  And again, all you have to do is include the info in a card and it will look like you’ve had it planned all along.
  8. A watch.  It’s classic and there’s one at every price range.  I love this one.
  9. Tools.  I don’t know why but guys love tools, even if they don’t fix stuff.  Home Depot is running quite the sale.
  10. NASCAR Racing Experience.



There you have it! Happy Father’s Day!   Have a great weekend everyone.


Safe Swaps: How to Detox Your Bathroom Cabinets in 5 Simple Steps

From clean eating to oil pulling, we spend a lot of time thinking about what we put into our bodies and how to detox our diets. But just as important as what goes into your body is what kind of products you bring into your home. So recently, our editors all made a pact to make over the room in our homes where less than idea products are most often found: the bathroom. We thought of it as a juice cleanse for our medicine cabinets (minus the hunger headache)! Because we can eat as clean as can be, but if we’re still using toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo that contain questionable ingredients, we’re compromising our health. And no one needs that, right?

For those of you who have little ones or pets at home, this is even more important! Being mindful of the ingredients in your bath products, cleaning products, and personal care items is a great way to live the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible, for every family member.

So what’s a busy girl to do? Instead of spending hours reading labels at the grocery store in search of safe products, we simply turned to our friends at The Honest Company. It’s a brand we can trust to be safe and effective, and their bundle system makes it easy and affordable to keep your cabinets stocked. So, let’s get to it! Read on to see our favorite Honest Company products and learn some tips for keeping your bathroom cabinets full of plant-based, safe and effective products and your life a little bit healthier…

It's time to makeover your medicine cabinet!

1. Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet
Is it just us, or does your medicine cabinet seem to magically accumulate more products than you ever remember using? Start by doing a clean sweep and tossing out any expired products you find. But be aware that when medicine is tossed into the garbage or flushed down the toilet, it can end up tainting our landfill sites and water supply with chemicals. So, ideally, bring back any unused medicines to the pharmacy for proper, eco-friendly disposal. If you’re looking to purchase more naturally derived over-the-counter remedies going forward, there are a few easy swaps you can make…

When you’re shopping for cough syrups, look for ones without dyes or too much added sugar. For chest congestion, we recommend The Honest Company’s lavender and rosemary scented Honest Organic Breathe Easy Rub. It’s safe enough to use on an infant, which means it’s also great for anyone with sensitive skin. When it comes to a multivitamin, our go-to is the Women’s Complete Once Daily from The Honest Company. Gentle and uniquely formulated with a targeted blend of antioxidants, superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes and is made without dyes, sweeteners, preservatives, parabens, phthalates and other additives that some other brands may have. If you haven’t already, we also recommend swapping out your conventional toothpaste for something without artificial sweeteners, dyes, and especially the foaming agent SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate). It’s not always easy to find an SLS-free toothpaste, so we’re so happy that The Honest Company toothpaste fits the bill!

Play it safe under the sink with Honest Co.

2. Play It Safe Under the Sink
After the medicine cabinet, it’s time to move on to the cabinets under the sink. A low-to-the-ground cabinet is the spot that curious babies and pets are the most likely to get into, so it’s super important to rid them from anything dangerous. Even with close supervision and safety locks, why risk it? If you ask us, there’s really no need to ever keep harsh, chemical cleaning supplies on hand, even if it’s a kid or pet-free zone. The Honest Company’s plant-based cleaning products work just as well, but are safe for you and your family and don’t have that noxious chemical smell. The Honest Company has a full range of safe and effective cleaning products, but you’ll want to keep your bathroom cabinet well-stocked with at least the Multi-Surface CleanerBathroom Cleaner, and the totally streak-free Glass + Window Cleaner for a gentle yet effective clean.

Cleaning your bathroom the natural way.

3. Use a Responsibly Made Toilet Bowl Cleaner
It goes without saying that you really want to get this area of your powder room good and clean. Using homemade cleaning solutions is always an option for many other areas of the house, but you want to make sure your toilet is getting a really good scrubbing. That’s why we love that The Honest Company Toilet Cleaner  is effective while also being plant-based and safe for you and your family. Another tip is to make sure you are disinfecting or replacing your toilet brush every so often. If you don’t want to use bleach, washing it with hot water and rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

Green your bath and body routine.

4. Green Your Bath and Body Routine
Most people don’t even think of their shampoo as being a possible source of environmental toxins like they do cleaning supplies. But while you’re getting your bathroom good and green, you might as well swap out your personal care products, too. The Honest Co. has so many plant-based bath and body products that we love. From shampoo and organic shave oil to deodorant and facial towelettes, everything is pure and free from most common allergens.

5. Go for Safe & Reliable Feminine Care
We are so excited about the latest from The Honest Company: feminine care products. It might seem a little silly to get so excited about tampons and liners, but hear us out… With all the talk about toxic shock syndrome in the news lately, we are well aware that a great alternative is to use 100% organic cotton feminine care products. And since you potentially use over 11,000 tampons in your lifetime (crazy, right?), we also think it pays off to be a smart consumer and only use products made without synthetic rayon, artificial fragrances, dyes, and deodorants. Oh, and did we mention that the packaging is way chicer than any tampon box we’ve ever laid eyes on before?

We hope that these tips help you turn your bathroom into into a worry-free safe haven, filled with long, relaxing bubble baths. Sounds pretty nice right about now…

Which Honest Company product are you most excited to try?

XO Elizabeth

How to Host: A Ladies’ Night In

I think it’s safe to say that we’re not the only ones who look forward to the weekend.  However, it’s always nice to have a little bit of time off to catch up with friends, explore the city and just plain relax. A couple of weeks ago, I got to chatting about how fun it would be to have our very own ladies’ night in… because sometimes staying in with your best girlfriends is even more fun than going out. So, that’s exactly what we did…

Since there’s a bit of planning that goes into the perfect ladies’ night in, we decided to document our evening for you and write up a step-by-step tutorial on how to host one of your very own.

So, without further ado, here is the guide on how to host your very own ladies’ night in…

Get Your Invites Out

the first thing you need to know about how to host a girls’ night in | LaurenConrad.com

The first thing you’ll want to do when planning a night in with your best girls is send out invites! While you could definitely just send a group text or email, we think there’s something special about actually sending out an invite. I went online and designed a super cute e-invite for our guests, which only took a few minutes to put together (there are tons of sites out there that you can use like Paperless Post and Punchbowl). Not only will they get your guests excited with a cute little note sent straight to their email inbox, but it will also track RSVP’s for you. Fun and functional.

Pick Up The Necessities

supplies for the perfect ladies’ night in {flowers, champagne, and Lindt HELLO Bites}

On the day of your ladies’ night in (or even the day before), you’ll need to head out and shop for all of the food, drinks and décor for your get-together. We decided to have a casual movie night on the rooftop at one of our editor’s houses, which helped us choose what to buy. I went for fresh flowers to make small arrangements, a bottle of bubbly (no explanation needed), ingredients to make a cheese plate, and some popcorn. Oh, and how could we forget dessert! We picked up some bags of new Lindt HELLO Bites to make sure we’d satisfy our guests’ sweet tooths. Not only are they inspired by classic American flavors (pretzeltoffee and mint), but they’re also perfect for a casual get together. These sweet bite-sized premium chocolates are already unwrapped and come in resealable bags, making them perfect for grabbing a handful and passing around at your next girls’ night.

Prep Your Space  

how to host a rooftop ladies’ night in | LaurenConrad.com

Before your guests arrive, you’ll want to spruce up your place a bit. We went with a cozy, boho vibe that involved twinkling lights, Guatemalan blankets, comfy pillows, lots of seating options and a few floral arrangements. 

The perfect spread for a girls’ night in… flowers, champagne, Lindt HELLO Bites, popcorn and a cheese plate! {click through for more tips}

Then, we set up the food & drink spread! What’s better for a ladies’ night in than a cheese plate, a bottle of champagne and some bite-sized chocolates? 

Lindt HELLO Bites are an essential ingredient for a sweet ladies’ night in

Since we were going to watch a movie, we also included some popcorn… but I think it’s safe to say that we conveniently snacked on the Lindt HELLO Bites (which we displayed in mismatched bowls) more than anything else!

Welcome Wagon


there’s nothing better than a night in with your best girlfriends | LaurenConrad.com

After all of that planning and prepping, the moment that your guests arrive is pretty exciting. When they get there, you’ll want to take their jackets and bags, and also offer a cocktail! This is when the fun starts…

Snack & Sip

movie night essentials: champagne, popcorn, a cheese plate, and premium chocolate from Lindt HELLO Bites {yum}

No get together is complete without food and drink, so for our ladies’ night in we went with a few of our favorite things. First, we put together a delicious meat and cheese plate. We also popped some popcorn, because what’s a movie night without it? There was also a bottle of champagne on hand for us to sip on. And last but not least, premium chocolate… to satisfy our sweet tooth, we turned to the ready-to-eat, poppable Lindt HELLO Bites! If you’re craving something sweet, a handful of these bites will do the trick.

cheers to girls’ night! {tips for hosting one of your own on LaurenConrad.com}


popcorn and chocolate = the perfect pair


this is how you do a ladies’ movie night in…

It’s so fun when there’s something for everyone. These delicious little bites are available for purchase at major retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on LindtUSA.com/LindtHELLO.

Start the Screening

movie night done right | LaurenConrad.com

After the sun started to set, it was time to begin our movie. We decided to watch Bridesmaids (Clueless was our 2nd choice), and it did not disappoint. I think we’ve all seen Bridesmaids more times than we can count, and we still laughed non-stop.

Team LaurenConrad.com’s Movie Night

Have Fun!


Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Sometimes, planning a party or even just a small get together can be a tiny bit stressful. But once your guests have arrived and you’re in the swing of things, feel free to let loose, cheers with your besties and have as much fun as possible.

XO Elizabeth

Wedding Bells: Registry Etiquette 101

And today I thought that I’d tackle one aspect of wedding planning that many brides and grooms can find overwhelming: the registry. You may remember a few months ago when I blogged all about how to build the perfect wedding registry. But compiling your registry is about more than just deciding which set of flatware best suits your taste. There are certain rules of etiquette that are important to abide by.

Now when it comes to your wedding registry, there are some definite do’s and don’ts. At the end of the day, you want to make the gifting process as easy as possible for your guests, so that they can focus on your big day instead of what they’ll buy for you. So to help you navigate your next wedding registry, here are some tips…

We're taking tips from Zola on wedding registry 101 today on LaurenConrad.com

Consider Your Guests

Traditionally, registries have been all about the couple, but we think that your guests need to feel the love too. Your loved ones want to give you a wedding gift that’s beautiful and useful, but also fits within their price range and budget. So, make sure to have different types of gifts at various price points on your registry.

Want to make it easy on yourself? Zola’s Planner can help you figure out how many gifts you need at each price point based on the number of guests attending your wedding. Consider a cooking class experience to complement your new pots and pans, or a honeymoon fund to go with the suitcases you’re asking for. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to shy away from the splurge items you’ve been eyeing. Register for that Vitamix you’ve been dreaming of, and mark it for Group Gifting, which lets multiple friends contribute to a gift. It’s also okay to register for cash, but do it creatively (i.e., a down payment for your home, plants for the aspiring gardener, etc.).

And here’s a bonus tip: Add extra gifts (under $100) early on so that there are options for your engagement party and wedding shower, too!

Encourage Online Shopping

We know they mean well, but it’s okay to tell your parents’ friends not to bring actual gifts to your wedding. That tradition is one that’s no longer necessary, thanks to online shopping. As a bonus, when your guests shop online, you get to control when you receive each gift. With Zola’s Send It Later feature you can ship the blender you can’t wait to use, but hold off on the crystal you don’t have room for yet.

The best wedding registry tips from Zola

Don’t Be Afraid to Exchange

These days, it is totally appropriate to exchange a gift that you receive for something else. If your distant aunt insists on buying you the china set she wished she had, let her. You can always virtually exchange it for what you really want before it ships… and she’ll never know! With Zola, you can swap gifts online… so you can exchange a gift before it’s even shipped, which is pretty cool.

Zola makes it easy to create the perfect wedding registry

Have a Hashtag 

While you and your groom may want to wait for the professional photos before sharing pictures of the big day, we have to face the fact that it’s the age of the iPhone and your guests certainly won’t wait. How can you get around this? Control all the snaps with a wedding hashtag. Zola’s #Love feature on their iPhone app (yes, you can have your entire wedding registry set up on an app!) let’s you see all of the tagged Twitter and Instagram posts with your wedding hashtag in one place.

Wedding Registry Etiquette 101 thanks to Zola!

Say Thank You

One tradition that you should still stick to? Handwritten thank you notes. The age-old saying is that you have a year to write them, but trust us when we say that your guests want to know you’re enjoying their gift a little bit sooner than that. It’s also a good way to let your guests know that your gift has arrived, and wasn’t lost in some mailing snafu—which is why we love Zola. With Zola’s Alerts & Thank You Manager, you’ll get notified whenever someone buys you a gift. Send your guests a text message with a quick thank you (before you have time to write the thank you note and put it in the mail) to avoid those “have you gotten my gift” calls from your friends. Then, when you’re ready to start writing, export a list of who gave you what and when to make the process painless. Talk about organization!

Are you ready to get started?

Do you have any etiquette tips to add to the list?

Leave them in the comments!

XO Elizabeth

Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

We always feel like Mother’s Day sneaks up on us before we even know it. But it’s definitely not a holiday to leave to the last minute when it comes to gift shopping. Your mom—who knows you best out of almost anyone—will be able to tell if you picked up a last-minute present on the way to brunch! So with that in mind, we’re here to help you find the perfect present for her. After all, our moms really do deserve the best!

From a heavenly candle to feminine jewelry to a cozy throw blanket, we’ve rounded up 10 of the sweetest gifts we could find for the mothers in our lives. So, without further ado, here are a few ways to show your mom you love her…

  1. Rifle Paper Co. Clear Peach Blossom iPhone Case, $36
  2. LC Lauren Conrad Flower Button Ear Studs, $12
  3. The Little Market Rebozo Tote Bag, $150
  4. The Little Market Soy Blend Candle in “Garden Rose”, $24
  5. Lock & Key Confectionery Spring Pastel Chocolates, $16.95
  6. Terrain Somerset Hat, $58
  7. Lauren Ralph Lauren Dorset Slim Wallet, $98
  8. LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Knit Throw, $20
  9. Wine from Club W, gift cards starting at $50
  10. J.Crew Crystal Cube Bracelet, $58

We have to admit, we love these gifts so much we might even have to buy a few for our moms! But we want to hear from you now…

What are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day?

Sound off in the comments below.

XO Elizabeth

Wedding Bells: How to Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever

Asking you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding is one of the biggest honors your bestie can bestow upon you. It’s your friend’s way of saying that she wants you by her side on the most important day of her life—and every step leading up to it, too. It’s an important role, and it’s also a lot of fun (hello, bachelorette party)! So when you accept, it goes without saying that you want to be the very best bridesmaid you can be.

But if you think that being a bridesmaid also sounds a little stressful, you wouldn’t be alone. As exciting as being a bridesmaid is, it can also feel overwhelming when you start to think of all the money and planning that goes into being in your friend’s wedding party. Plus, there’s the pressure to give your bestie everything she deserves during this special time. Luckily, there’s a little site called The Bach that takes all the stress out of planning a stellar bachelorette soiree, which is arguably the biggest and most important bridesmaid duty. So today we’ve partnered with The Bach to bring you a few tips for being the perfect bridesmaid—from the bachelorette party and beyond. Check them out below…

Pretty bouquet and bridesmaid dresses.

Have a Bridesmaid Budget 

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but it’s also a financial commitment. So when you accept the title of bridesmaid, set aside a fund to ensure that you can take part in all the wedding related activities without stressing about money. You’ll want to budget for things like your bridesmaid dress, hair and makeup for the wedding, gifts, the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, and any associated travel. If you’re on a tight budget, be upfront with the bride from the beginning, and then suggest some creative ways to cut costs without sacrificing any of the fun. The Bach has some amazing advice in the Ideas & Tips section of their website on how to save money as a bridesmaid.

Say Yes to the (Bridesmaid) Dress 

Whether it’s to your taste or not, do your best to be excited about the bridesmaid dress that your friend picked out for you. If you need to vent a little to a third party (who doesn’t know the bride), that’s only natural. But it’s important that you stand by your friend’s vision for her big day. Remember that it’s just a dress, and you only have to wear it for one day. So suck it up!

Bachelorette Party Planning

Plan an Epic Bachelorette Bash 

The bachelorette party is always a favorite pre-wedding event for everyone involved. Whether your itinerary includes a relaxing spa day or a wild weekend in Vegas, it’s a chance to have a truly unforgettable time with the bride and her whole group of besties. For bachelorette party planning made easy, we all love The Bach. The Bach is a bachelorette party-planning tool that completely streamlines the whole process so that you can focus on the fun. The Bach will recommend venues in 75 different cities, help you build an itinerary, send out invitations, and even more. Plus, the Ideas & Tips section of their website is an amazing source of inspiration for everything from cute favors to group photos!

Cute bachelorette party idea!

Surprise the Bride With a Recap 

We love the idea of surprising the bride with a fun recap of her bachelorette party on The Bach’s Real Bachelorettes page of their blog. All you have to do is snap lots of pics to help the bride remember her big celebration with her ladies, and then send them into The Bach (hello@thebach.com). You can also come up with a hashtag and encourage all of the other bridesmaids to post pictures on social media too, so that you can easily collect them for the recap afterward. This is the perfect example of going the extra mile and doing even more than what the bride is expecting of you. Just remember not to post or share any photos that the bride wouldn’t approve of. Keep it classy!

Keep the Bride in Mind 

Remember that this is the bride’s time to shine. So keep your bride-to-be bestie in mind every step of the way—making sure that the bachelorette party, shower, and every other aspect you’re responsible for is to her taste. And what if your normally levelheaded friend is suddenly turning a bit bridezilla about the details? It’s your job to remain cool and collected, and help keep her calm too.

Have you ever been a bridesmaid before?

Let us know if you have any more tips in the comments section!

XO Elizabeth25


Let’s talk skincare for a sec! Coming from a girl with sensitive, acne prone, oily skin, I have to be really careful about what I put on it. I decided to give TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask a whirl, 1. because I am on a mission to convert all my beauty products to natural/organic, 2. anything detoxifying for my skin sounds amazing, and 3. I’ve been hearing awesome reviews about it.

The mask comes in a powder form and you just mix in equal parts water with the powder and it turns into a wet clay mask. I really like that it didn’t come premixed, simply because it won’t go bad if I don’t use it all right away.

I put in on this morning right after I woke up, left it on for 25 minutes and immediately after washing it off my pores appeared smaller and my face felt firmer, toned and smooth. In my experience, I usually notice a difference in my skin after a couple of uses but I definitely noticed a difference immediately after using this one. The real test for me is, “How does my makeup go on after using a clay mask”. Typically clay masks can leave me over-dry and my skin starts flaking, (I’m sure all you combination oily skin girls can relate). After putting my makeup on, running errands in 85 degree weather, I haven’t experienced an oily residue that I normally would. I’m really impressed!

TruSelf Organics Mask1.jpg

Check out TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Facial Mask and their other organic beauty products.