Tuesday Ten: The Chicest Summer Swimwear

Summer is quickly approaching. And if there’s one style staple that’s worth investing in for the sunny season ahead, it’s a cute new swimsuit. There’s nothing that makes a girl feel better than finding a suit that flatters her figure when summer rolls around. If you’ve ever found your own swimsuit soul mate (as I like to call it), you know how much it can inspire confidence by the pool or at the beach. And everybody is different, so it’s important to know what style suits you best. That said, today I’ve rounded up 10 of the cutest swimsuits I could find—and there’s one for every type of girl. From floral and girly to bright and sporty, here’s my favorite summer swimwear so far this spring…

The Topshop Double Scallop Swimsuit {so classy!}

1. Topshop Double Scallop Swimsuit, $68

Marysia Swimsuit

2. Jonathan Cohen x Marysia Broadway Scalloped Bikini, $272

The Tavik Swimwear Hope Classic Scoop Swimsuit.

3. Tavik Swimwear Hope Classic Scoop Swimsuit, $118

The Kate Spade New York Georgica Beach Bow Bandeau Bikini Top.

4. Kate Spade New York Georgica Beach Bow Bandeau Bikini Top, $94 + bottoms, $63

The Anne-Marie Solid and Striped Swimsuit.

5. Anne-Marie Solid and Striped Swimsuit, $160

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Jerrie Rose Bustier Bikini for some fun in the sun!

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Jerrie Rose Bustier Bikini Top, $128, + bottoms, $98

The {gorgeous} Touche Full Sun Floral Maillot.

7. Touche Full Sun Floral Maillot, $188

The J.Crew Tropical Fern Underwire Bikini.

8. J.Crew Tropical Fern Underwire Bikini, $108

Victoria’s Secret Mesh High-Next Bikini Top & Bottom.

9. Victoria’s Secret Mesh High-Next Bikini Top, $36.50 + bottoms, $22.50

The Beach Riot x Stone Cold Fox Daphne Print One Piece Swimsuit.

10. Beach Riot x Stone Cold Fox Daphne Print One Piece Swimsuit, $175

Which of these swimsuits will you be scooping up this season?


Tuesday Ten: Gifts for the Gardener

If you’re looking for me on a Sunday afternoon, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find me digging in the garden. Gardening is a favorite hobby of mine, whether I’m tending to flowers or planting fresh fruits and veggies. It’s very therapeutic for me, and so satisfying to grow my own ingredients to cook with. That said, I’m always looking for cute gardening accessories to gift my fellow gardeners and to put on my own wish list.

Here are 10 items that have caught my eye lately…

Terrain Haws Watering Gift Set

1. Terrain Haws Watering Gift Set, $128
What could be cuter than a brass mister and a mint watering can? This set comes in a cute gift box and is for either indoor or outdoor use.

Soy Blend Candle in Earth {The Little Market}

2. The Little Market Soy Blend Candle in Earth, $24
All of our Little Market candles are handmade by Burmese refugee women. This fragrance is perfect for the gardener who loves the smell of the earth and rich potting soil.

Williams-Sonoma Fancy Salad Greens Seed Collection

3. Williams-Sonoma Fancy Salad Greens Seed Collection, $15
Nothing compares to a salad made with fresh-from-the-garden greens. I love the charming vintage-inspired package on these seed packets.

West Elm Ceramic Animal Planters

4. West Elm Ceramic Animal Planters, $7-$39
Don’t let your lack of yard stop you from having the garden of your dreams. Even if you don’t have a big yard to plant in, you can start a pint-sized garden on your patio in these adorable animal pots.

Anthropologie Ash Wood Garden Tools

5. Anthropologie Ash Wood Garden Tools, $40
Every gardener needs a good set of tools, and the mint handles on these ones are right up my alley.

Anthropologie Raffia Gingham Sun Hat

6. Anthropologie Raffia Gingham Sun Hat, $98
If you’re going to be outside gardening, you’ll want a wide-brim hat to protect your complexion from the sun. This gingham topper has a vintage, ladylike feel.

Williams-Sonoma Herb Drying Rack

7. Williams-Sonoma Herb Drying Rack, $20
I like to dry the herbs from my garden so that I can enjoy homegrown herbs and spices all year round. This herb drying rack will look and smell lovely hanging in your kitchen.

Bohemian Market Basket {The Little Market}

8. The Little Market Bohemian Market Basket, $64
You can use this basket from my fair trade shop The Little Market to gather fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies from your garden or to tote around your tools.

Terrain Edible Flower Garden Kit

9. Terrain Edible Flower Garden Kit, $24
Edible flowers are one of my favorite elements to impress dinner guests. My favorite ways to use them are set atop baked goods or tossed into salad greens.

Kate Somerville Body Glow Sunscreen

10. Kate Somerville Body Glow Sunscreen, $45
Along the same lines as the hat above, it’s nice to have a luxe sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. This SPF from Kate Somerville smoothes and firms skin while it protects.

Do you have a garden?

Let me know what you’re growing right now!

XO Elizabeth

Tuesday Ten: May Style Tips

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Well, here in Southern California, we didn’t get too many April showers (we could sure use some!). But, I have been seeing some gorgeous May flowers beginning to pop up here and there. Whenever this month rolls around, the warmer weather and blooming buds inspire me to freshen up my own wardrobe a little. I’m talking about trading those sweaters and jeans for more dresses and shorts. To get you ready to greet this month in style, I’ve rounded up a few photos of outfit inspiration to share today.

Here are the trends I’m going to be channeling this month… Join me, won’t you?

Style chic spring neutrals.

1. Style your spring neutrals.
In my opinion, there is a different neutral palette for each season. Winter and fall have their darker tones (blacks, grays, olives and maroons), whereas lighter tones feel more appropriate in spring and summer (whites, tans and lighter denim washes). I like to mix several lighter neutral colors together in the spring to create one cohesive outfit.

Different shades of denim.

2. 50 shades of denim.
I almost always include a denim look in my monthly style tips  roundups, but I usually opt for classic blue jeans. With spring in the air, I’m loving the idea of pairing together different shades of denim.

Rompers are our must-have spring pieces.

3. Romp around.
The romper has recently become the go-to piece for spring and summer. It’s as effortless to throw on as a dress, but has a little more of a flirty tomboy vibe. I love this fun printed one paired with a black leather fringe jacket, round sunnies and a crossbody bag.

A maxi dress, heels, and an embellished blazer.

4. Make a splash.
A cascading maxi, embellished heels and a patterned blazer are a recipe for a show stopping moment. I adore this monochromatic blue ensemble and plan on imitating it as soon as possible.

Rock the power pantsuit.

5. Rock the power suit.
Who said pantsuits have to be dull, ill fitting and lacking in personality? Make like Kristina Bazan and go for an all-over mint green set. Even if you work in an environment that doesn’t allow quite this much personality, this ensemble is great for weeknight dinners or weekend events.

Join the mod squad in knee-high boots and colorful mini skirt.

6. Join the mod squad.
1960’s mod has been making it’s “comeback” for years now. So, I think it might even be safe to say that any look from this style era is ok in my book. I love a short, structured skirt with knee-high boots and a buttoned up blouse. The end result is perfectly polished.

An elegant jacquared pineapple jumpsuit.

7. If you like piña coladas…
Last month, I mentioned how much I love the idea of wearing cute fruit patterns, and this month is no different. This gold jacquard pineapple jumpsuit is pretty stunning… I think it’s going to find a very nice home in my closet.

Spring pastels are our favorite seasonal staple.

8. Pastel dreams.
There’s a reason why the spring season makes us want to wear pastels… With the weather warming up and the winter world coming to life again, pastels just feel right this time of year. Don your palest pinks and blues to feel pretty and feminine this month.

We're taking a style tip from Kate Bosworth's embellished jacket.

9. Embellish the details.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think when Kate Bosworth’s Coachella outfit hit the style blogs, we all immediately wanted a cool embellished jacket. And the details on those boots are pretty sweet, too. This month, pair your basics with standout, embellished pieces for a multi dimensional look.

A feminine eyelet ensemble.

10. All about eyelet.
What could possibly be more feminine for spring than an all-over eyelet outfit? Midi skirts are all the rage right now, and so are separates. So, this eyelet skirt set is pretty much just what the doctor ordered.

Which of these style tips is your favorite this month?

Let me know what trends you’re trying in the comments below. I’d love to read about them!

XO Elizabeth

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

Going green is something I’m pretty passionate about. I prefer to use chemical-free cleaning supplies and frequent my neighborhood farmers market for local, organic food. I recycle almost fanatically and create as little waste as I can (disposable plastic baggies and water bottles were banned in my household long ago). But I’m going to be completely honest here: When it comes to beauty products, I’m too often willing to turn a blind eye. And I know that has to change!

So recently I’ve been making a greater effort to green my makeup bag by swapping in as many natural, eco-friendly products as I can. And I’ve been surprised to find that there are so many brands out there that are doing it right—creating products that are beautiful and effective without the use of harmful ingredients. In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I wanted to encourage all my fellow beauty fanatics out there to give their cosmetic bags an eco-chic makeover. Here are 10 of my very favorite eco-friendly beauty picks…

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

1. Beautycounter
 All of their products contain only the safest ingredients, and are free from toxins and scary chemicals. I use both their tinted moisturizer and concealer, and I was so pleased to find that they blend just as well as the conventional makeup brands I used to use.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

2. Lush
If you’ve ever been in a Lush store, then you know that they have a wide range of colorful, delicious smelling (and sometimes sparkly) bath products to choose from. But what you might not realize at first is that many of their products use fresh, ethically sourced ingredients with as little packaging as possible. I’m a particularly big fan of their “naked” solid Shampoo BarsConditioners, and Massage Bars, which are free from packaging, saving millions of plastic bottles from being produced every year.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

3. The Honest Company
The Honest Company may be known for their natural baby and cleaning products, but their bath & body collection is starting to get some major buzz. My personal picks are the shampoo + body wash(it’s so hard to find a biodegradable, SLS-free shampoo that actually lathers well) and the spa-worthy lavender vanilla-scented body scrub. Then there’s The Honest Co.’s organic healing balm. It was originally developed for the baby product line, but it’s a cult favorite among beauty editors.

Love + Roses Beauty Mist

4. Olivine Atelier
Olivine Atelier’s chic and beautifully packaged products are some of my go-to gifts for girlfriends. From natural perfumes to luxurious lotions, they’re the kind of products that you’ll want to display front and center on your vanity. It’s the icing on the cake that Olivine’s products are all cruelty-free, organic when possible, and use eco-friendly glass packaging. My No. 1 pick: Love + Roses Beauty Mist to soften skin and hair.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

5. XO(eco) by Blue Avocado
It’s only natural that you should have an eco-chic cosmetic case to store all of your eco-beauty picks. All of the products in the collection are made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled bottle fabric, and a percentage of the profits go to ocean conservation. Bonus: You can get 25 percent off the entire line through April 30 with the exclusive promo code LCEarthDay25!

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

6. Dr. Hauschka
I discovered Dr. Hauschka after a long search for a natural deodorant that actually works. Not only is it extremely effective, but it also comes in the most divine rose and sage scents. They also have an amazing range of skin care and makeup products for every skin type.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

7. S.W. Basics
S.W. Basics is a line of natural skincare products made in Brooklyn. The number of ingredients in each product is prominently listed on it’s label, with the philosophy that fewer ingredients equals gentler skincare. Their makeup remover, for instance, sports a “3” on the bottle and contains only organic sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, and organic jojoba oil. I also love their Eco Cotton Rounds, which are reusable, washable cotton rounds to replace disposable cotton balls.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

8. EmerginC Scientific Organics
EmerginC Scientific Organics is the kind of cutting, edge results-oriented skincare line you find in a spa, only it’s made with 100 percent natural and a minimum of 70 percent organic ingredients. It’s also manufactured under a number of environmentally friendly practices. All of their products are designed to noticeably improve your skin’s texture, whether that means fighting blemishes or diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. My aesthetician got me hooked on the At Home Facial Peel + Clarifying Kit, which is a great way to remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion in between facials.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

9. Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty’s range of products include skincare, makeup, and hair care—and they’re all made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients that are locally sourced on the West Coast whenever possible. They also follow sustainable company practices and use solar powered manufacturing for the majority of their products. Their skincare products are great for sensitive skin since they use all natural ingredients.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

10. Zoya
More and more nail polish brands are choosing to go 5-free (which means they are free of the big 5 toxic chemicals often found in polish), but Zoya was one of the first and my personal favorite. Their colors are always on trend and it lasts for days without chipping.

How are you going to green your beauty routine this year?

Let me know if you have any other favorite natural beauty brands! I’d love to give them a try.

XO Elizabeth

Tuesday Ten: Our Workout Playlist

We understand that working up the motivation to go to the gym can be difficult sometimes. To be perfectly honest, there are days we find ourselves dragging our feet to the cardio  equipment. So, we wanted to find a surefire way to turn those workout blues around. Listening to the perfect playlist can transform a seemingly never-ending workout into one that is fun and fast-paced! We whipped up a special workout playlist to kick-start your next gym session and to inspire you to push yourself to the limit. Pop in those earbuds, and prepare to get pumped up…

1. “7/11” by Beyoncé
2. “Ghost” by Ella Henderson
3. “Oh My God” by Ida Maria
4. “Come With Me Now” by Kongos
5.“Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj
6. “Part of Me” by Katy Perry
7. “Best I Ever Had” by Gavin Degraw
8. “Let’s Go to Bed” by William Tell
9. “Out of My League” by Fitz and the Tantrums
10. “Locomotive” by Alex Winston

Click the links above to download the songs, or click HERE to give my entire playlist a listen on Google Play Music.

I hope this playlist sets the tone for your next workout like it did for ours!

What songs get you pumped up for the gym?

Let us know in the comments below!

XO Elizabeth

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

April is one of those months where everyone is just ready for spring to be in full swing. If you live in a place where the weather is still warming up, I’m sure you’re ready to peel off those layers and soak up some much-needed vitamin D.

Since I’ve been feeling so inspired by this season, I’ve rounded up 10 of the chicest style ideas I could find. I don’t know about you, but I’ll sure be sporting some of these trends this month…

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

1. No more cold shoulders.
Now that the weather is warming up (finally!), it’s the perfect time of year to start showing a little skin. Opt for an off-the-shoulder spring dress, like the Tibi one Kat is wearing above.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

2. Put on your fancy footwear.
I love the look of mixing casual clothes with a dressier shoe or handbag. These studded, pointy-toe flats are just what the doctor ordered this season. Tip: If you’re mixing high and low, pick a tone from your shoes and incorporate it somewhere in your ensemble.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

 3. Have a sunny disposition.
When the sun starts to shine, it’s time to pull out your favorite bright, patterned sundresses (after all, we’ve all been waiting for months to do so!). I love the lace details on this dress worn by Jillian of Rhyme and Reason.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

4. Crush on blush.
Okay, so maybe I put a blush outfit in my style tips posts every month… I can’t help it! My all-time favorite color is great because it can be worn year round. Make like Julia of Lemon stripes and pair a blush peacoat with a striped top and distressed jeans.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

5. Ace your asymmetrics.
This asymmetric look above has just the right amount of edge and class, all mixed into one. An asymmetric look adds and element of the unexpected to an outfit. Try this trend by finding a skirt or dress that has an asymmetric hem. An asymmetric jacket or blazer works too!

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

6. Lady in black.
I’m a big fan of donning bright colors in the spring, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of dressing myself, it’s this: Black never goes out of season. Spring, summer, winter or fall—it’s always in style. Take a note from Krystal Schlegel and wear a black blazer and jeans for a night out on the town.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

7. Wear something weightless.
There’s almost no better feeling than a breeze coming through on a warm, sunny spring day… Especially if you’re wearing something that’s light and breezy itself. Opt for fabrics like chiffon, lace and silk for spring. They feel wonderful to wear and they’re oh-so-feminine.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

8. It’s a-boat time.
Spring is the time to bust out your straw hats. And this month, I’m loving the look of a wide-brimmed boater hat. The one above is from the Australian brand Lack of Color, and it’s pretty perfect.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

9. Pining for spring.
When it comes to clothing, novelty items always get me. I really can’t resist a cute pattern, and this pineapple tunic has my name all over it.

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas

10. Make a clutch decision.
The clutch is the easiest style of handbag for when you’re running out the door and only need a few items. This bright pink neon one is to die for, and I love it styled with two hues of blue.

Which of the style ideas above inspires you the most?

XO Elizabeth

Tuesday Ten: 10 Habits of Highly Organized People

I’ve had a few people ask me recently what my secret is for juggling a career, a relationship, and friendships. I’m definitely still figuring it out, but one of my best tips is staying organized. If you ask me, a person can never be too organized. We’re all so overscheduled nowadays. And when you have a lot on your plate, organization is key. Life is bound to get busy and when it does, having your thoughts, space, and life in order can be the difference between success and failure.

Today I wanted to share 10 common habits of the most organized people out there. If you can adopt them, they are sure to bring a bit more clarity and precision to your life…

1. They write everything down.

Making to-do lists is a given. But for ultra-organized people, it goes beyond that. No matter how good your memory is, you’re bound to forget the small details every once in a while. So anytime there is something important you want to remember—from the name of the acupuncturist your coworker recommended to the funny short story idea that came to you in your sleep to your brother-in-law’s birthday—just write it down.

2. They give themselves deadlines.

The most organized individuals know that it’s not just about having a to-do list. It’s about having a specific deadline assigned to each task you want to complete. By checking tasks off by a certain time and date, you will avoid leaving anything important until the last minute.

3. They take breaks.

Stopping in the middle of the day to de-clutter your desk isn’t always just a form of procrastination. Taking a few minutes to catch your breath and get your space in order can help you be more productive when you return to the task at hand. So if you need a breather, go grab coffee if you must, but consider an “organization break” as an even more productive alternative.

4. They have a home for everything.

Extremely organized people won’t bring anything home unless they know exactly where they are going to put it. This means being more selective in what you purchase, and also having proper storage solutions. Here are a few creative storage solution  I love and some tips for organizing your craft supplies.

5. They have shared online calendars.

Organized people know that having shared online calendars makes for so much less back-and-forth when you are trying to schedule something. So consider syncing your Google or iCal calendar with your closest colleagues, family members, or anyone else who would benefit. And for times when you are trying to set a meeting with a larger group, I highly recommend using a scheduling tool like Doodle.

6. They have a detailed email filing system.

You might think it was a little bit ridiculous if you saw how many different folders I’ve created for filing my emails (er… 26). But the fact of the matter is that having a detailed filing system makes it easy to go back and find old emails in a snap.

7. They tackle one task at a time.

Trying to do too many things at once can lead to chaos. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try taking a step back and focusing on one thing at a time. Prioritize the items on your to-do list and start either with the items that are easiest to check off or the most important. I promise that your to-do list will be cut in half before you know it.

8. They have less stuff.

The more stuff you have, the more likely it is to become disorganized. Organized people love to eliminate the clutter and regularly purge items they no longer need. This also includes learning to walk away from bargains. As far as the space in your closet is concerned, it’s better to purchase one investment piece you really love than five so-so tops you found on sale. Also, consider donating items  you no longer need. It’s easier to part with your possessions if you know they are going to a good cause.

9. They delegate.

Asking for help is never a bad thing; in fact, it’s the quality of a good leader. Organized people know when it takes a team to get something done and are just as good at organizing people as they are at organizing objects.

10. They set their alarms 15 minutes earlier than they have to.

Being an early riser gives you some uninterrupted time in the morning to organize your home, your workspace, your thoughts or whatever else needs it. Not having to rush out the door also ensures that your clothes and toiletries won’t end up strewn across the floor or counter, and will instead be put back in the appropriate place.

What are the best tricks you have for keeping your life organized?

XO Elizabeth