Boyfriend Jeans 3 Ways

I love a boyfriend jean.  They’re my travel go-to and my go to on game day.  Look you want to be comfy and cute and there’s nothing better. Thank God for this trend.  Here are three ways to style the same boyfriend jeans for different sporting (or life) events.

First up, I would rock this to a football, basketball or hockey game.  Easily.  I love the layers.  This long duster is from Intermix last year but the trend is still so in, you can find them everywhere.  I LOVE this gray one.


To finish it off I paired the look with these perfect (and super comfy) booties.  I’ve put them through the game-challenge, and NO blisters or pain!  Oh and did I mention they’re on sale too?!

OK next up, something a little different.  I would wear this to a basketball game.  Heels seem to really only be acceptable for arena sports, but mostly the NBA

To start this one off, I kept my same boyfriend jeans and used a bodysuit as the base, and you guessed it, my favorite bodysuit is on sale.

9N2A99892-800x1000.jpgI topped the look with this amazing wrap faux leather jacket. It’s under $100 so it won’t break the bank and it’s so versatile.

Finally, I added my favorite pair of black pumps to dress this up.  This is one you could take from date night to game night.

Ok the third and final look is a little more casual. This is perfect for a football or baseball game.

In addition to the boyfriend jeans, I added a cropped sweater.  I think the cropped style helps to not overwhelm my frame with the already roomy boyfriend jeans.  This sweater has a cute gathered hem that I love


I decided to wear this look with sneakers.  I think they keep it sporty and a little edgy since they’re high tops.


I decided to wear this look with sneakers.  I think they keep it sporty and a little edgy since they’re high tops.


New Fashion Obsession: Sporty Threads

Calling all Midwest ladies!!! I am so excited to share some recent purchases I made through Sporty Threads. Sporty Threads is a sport-inspired clothing line for women. They’re based and designed in Chicago, so they’re the perfect apparel company for the Midwest gal.   Their designs have a vintage and laid back feel. Currently they offer items for the following teams:

Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Blackhawks, Illinois State University (ISU), Northern Illinois University (NIU), Southern Illinois University (SIU) and Western Illinois University (WIU).

However, they do have some more generic sport-inspired looks for us gals who maybe don’t have loyalties to the Midwest. Check out my recent purchases!!

I love this Lone Star State Victory Tee because it’s subtle so you can wear it on game day or just out with friends to brunch!

This Benchwarmer tee is so classic.  It’s a perfect white tee with a little sports flair on the back!

Lastly, I am obsessed with this 85 long sleeve tee.  It has some little tears to create that extra worn in feeling.  It’s so perfect for any game!

You can check out all their apparel by visiting their online boutique.  Enjoy and happy shopping!


Entertaining for the Super Bowl is mainly about ensuring you have ample beer, chips and dips… am I right?! But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the decorative elements that are going to guarantee your party talks about a few things other than football (if only for a minute!).

Here’s a few of my favorite, and easy to do, entertaining tricks to add some pizazz to your party:

1. Football Glassware with Washi Tape


Instant snaz for your existing glassware! Just add a little tape (I prefer colorful, fun washi tape!) to your glassware and you have footballs in a snap, without damaging your glasses.

2. AstroTurf Coasters


Just nip to your closest Home Depot or Lowes and grab some astroturf, cut it into squares, and you have instant football field coasters! Makes for a great entertaining gift

3. Chalkboard Scoreboard


Create a makeshift scoreboard in your living room by cutting a big piece of chalkboard wallpaper and chalk (or even better, chalk pens!) to keep tally of all the winners and losers.

What’s your go-to entertaining tip for Super Bowl? 


BaubleBar Love

So when it comes to getting ready for a game or game day in general, jewelry isn’t always top of mind…well I think that should change, kinda. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s no need to go Oscar-style glam on game day but addling a little bling could quite literally be the icing on the cake.

Now I’m a rather simple gal when it comes to jewels but I will introduced to BaubleBar ( recently and I may have a slight obsession. It started with a simple curiosity…I picked up a couple of every day pieces like this ring and bracelet…


Gold Classic Cigar Band Ring

Mini Pave Links Bracelet

My point is that BaubleBar has something for everyone…for every day. You can find the perfect pieces to accessorize your work, date or court side style. They also make the perfect gifts!

Please please please check them out ASAP! There are tons and tons of pretty things to play with. Remember the easiest way to keep your tomboy look in check is to out a bauble on it!


Frites Forever

I just stumbled upon a new clothing company that cherishes all things girly, including a girl who loves her football.  Frites Forever (the name stems from the creators love for French fries and cute clothes) was born by the desire for “a comfy, but fashion-forward sweatshirt, a sweatshirt with one message, multiple meanings”.

Founders Lisa and Jessica met in college and started their creations shortly thereafter.  They’ve obviously moved on from making customized tees just for them to serving the masses.  While the quality (and quantity) has increased significantly, the inspiration is still the same.  I recently placed my first order and this is how it came wrapped…with the most perfect little sayings!!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I’m absolutely obsessed with their stuff.  Check out their adorable 87 hoodie that I received just the other day.  *Note: It is even more perfect since arguably the hottest guy in the Super Bowl, Denver Bronco Eric Decker, wears 87.  Be still my heart.

photo 4

I also picked up their super cute “Quiet for our Quarterback” sweatshirt.  It’s so incredibly soft, flattering and will surely make a statement at your next sporting event.  The heart on the sleeve pays omage to their message “you’re a woman. you do A LOT. it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve.” (Each piece has a little heart on the cuff, it’s so cute!)

photo 5

So I thought that it couldn’t get better, but please take a closer look at the wrapping, they even include a little cupcake that, turns out, is a lip balm.  I die.

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

They are everything we are, girly, sporty and unique.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!!  The gals list their goal to be “to create clothing that screams…WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?”  Well I’m happy to report that on day one of rockin my 87 hoddie, I was stopped numerous times.  Get in and place your order ladies, because after all, it’s always a good day to be a girl!


Feminine Fashion For The Roughest Sports

The ratio of male-to-female fans still favors men a smidge – less in football at 55:45 but still respectable in hockey at about 60:40. And let’s face it: Women probably make up for that at the fan shop.

Come on, when was the last time a guy cared that his socks didn’t match his jersey? Heck, I’ve known plenty of guys who didn’t care that their socks didn’t match each other. Is that a guy who’s going to feel possessed to own more than one team jersey, hat and, maybe, T-shirt? Probably not. And, frankly, the more fashion-conscious, metrosexual male probably won’t own even one – he’s the guy rooting for his team wearing a slick Calvin Klein jacket.

That leaves us, ladies. Because, let’s face it, no matter how many Calvin Klein dresses, jackets and shoes we own, we’re always on the lookout for another, right? And if we happen to already own a vintage T-shirt with our favorite sports team’s logo, is that really going to stop us from buying the flattering cropped sweatshirt? Or the burn-out tank top? Or the yoga pants?!

More to the point, it doesn’t matter if we know a quarterback’s pass completion rate to the decimal or get “quarterback: and :cornerback” confused. If we think an item of clothing is cute/hot/sexy/trendy/flattering, we’ll buy it.

Luckily, even the roughest of sports have heard our credit cards rattling away in our purses.


The NFL started the trend. They decided to cater to a previously untapped sector of the market: women. Used to be female football fans had to schlep around in the same jersey or T-shirt as the guys. While wearing a Wall Street button-down over a pencil skirt may be sexy, wearing a loose football jersey just adds but. No woman wants that. So, even for the die-hard fans, the one jersey was enough.

But we wanted more.

The NFL finally took notice and started marketing more of its fan apparel toward women. One women in particular forwarded this trend – Tracey Bleckzinski, the VP of Consumer Products for the NFL. She came up with the idea of “pop-up style lounges” with feminine fan styles and even dressing rooms. She also furthered the push with an ad campaign, one that features Condi Rice in her Cleveland Browns jersey.


Now that was smart, featuring smart, beautiful women such as Condi in addition to the usual models:


Those are some wicked cute ways to wear a sports tee – love it with a skirt and jacket!


Let’s look at the other rough-and-tumble sport: hockey. The NFL has been a little slower off the mark. To be fair, the ratio still favors men – in the US, anyway. In Canada, the fan ratio is almost dead even. Also to be fair, absolutely no on looks good in a hockey jersey, not even the most well-built of NHL players. I think the cut is officially known as “boxy.”

However, that means the new trend of designing fan apparel that’s female-friendly actually favors women. Guys’ jerseys haven’t been revamped – they still get the boxy cut. (If you want a player-specific jersey, it’s still the same for us, but I guess that’s fair.) Women’s styles of team jerseys have evolved, though, to fit our form – and our taste. They’ve altered colors, added bling and cut them with flattering necklines.

Now I have four hockey jerseys. I only ever wear them to games. If they could offer a cute on like this, I’d wear that baby all the time 0 and promote my teams regularly to boot.


A little bling, a little shimmer, that flattering neckline – you could match that with jeans and boots, a skirt, even a blazer.

So, ladies, again, it doesn’t’ matter what level of fan you are. This is cute stuff. Wear these pieces to a sports bar, on Casual Friday, to a weekend party. Or even to a game. Too cute!


Robin Hood To The Rescue!

Nothing spoils a cute outfit like a bad hair day. And, unfortunately, an outdoor stadium or tailgate can create the perfect ending to even the best hair days. It doesn’t even have to be cold; a Santa Ana wind at the Rose Bowl could send you reaching for your hair tie. A perfect solution is a cute baseball cap, but if you aren’t into being that sporty, I’ve found another perfect solution in Robin Hoods! These turban-inspired wraps and headbands are just as adorable as the name suggests.

Check out or click here.  They have an amazing selection of colors; check out how chic this blue headband would be for a Buffalo Bills game!


Robin Hoods was founded by Tracey Van Voorhis in April 2012. The inspiration came on the heels of Tracey’s mom’s (and brand namesake) diagnosis with terminal brain cancer. It was a huge challenge for Tracey to find something stylish and comfortable to cover the aftermath of her mom’s cancer treatment, so she developed her own line.

They have tons and tons of colors and even if you can’t find one to match your team, rock a black one and pop your team’s color elsewhere.